M.A.C.C. (Macclesfield Afternoon Community Choir)

M.A.C.C. (Macclesfield Afternoon Community Choir)
with Cantata Music Education: Bringing communities together through music.

M.A.C.C.Every Thursday afternoon in term times, the Parish Centre at St Paul’s is alive with the sound of music and howls of laughter! This is the regular rehearsal time for Macclesfield’s very own community choir, M.A.C.C. The choir was formed in 2010 by Catherine Silman & Anne Mitchell of Cantata Music Education. They had already established three very successful choirs in Poynton and Knutsford and were asked by Age UK to promote singing in Macclesfield. And so Macclesfield Afternoon Community Choir was created from a lively and enthusiastic group of novice singers who turned up to the first rehearsal!
The emphasis is very much on having fun and learning a new skill in comfortable surroundings. There are no auditions and we have a great time socially as well as musically. We perform concerts during the course of the year, and we’ve even recorded a CD alongside members of other Cantata Choirs. This CD, Son Rise, tells the events of Holy Week and was broadcast on internet radio in 2012.

M.A.C.C.This all sounds very highbrow and grand, but at M.A.C.C. we’re very down to earth – we always focus on having a great time each week, learning to sing songs old & new to the best of our ability and giving our audience a great concert at the end of each season.
We’ve done a lot of singing in interesting places too: in Arctic conditions in the stable at Tatton Hall Home Farm for their Christmas festivities; for the arrival of the Olympic Torch in 2012; at the Cultural Olympiad in the Amphitheatre in Chester; St Paul’s Summer Fair; Grosvenor Shopping Centre fundraising; Victoria Park Christmas event; Handforth Dean fundraising; and in September 2014 we’re singing at railway stations throughout East Cheshire as part of the First World War commemorations.
As with everything we do, there are no set rules for singing with Cantata Music Education choirs – if you’ve never done it before, come and have a go. If you were told you couldn’t sing at school, don’t believe them – come & try again. If you’re worried about standing up to sing, there’s no need – our singers can stand or sit, whatever is most comfortable, even in concerts. If you’ve done nothing like this before – it’s never too late to try something new: some of our Cantata Choirs singers started in their late eighties! We’re like one big, happy family.
We rehearse in St Paul’s Parish Centre on Thursday afternoons from 2.15pm – 3.45pm and then we have a cup of tea and a biscuit. The first 3 sessions are charged at £5 each to see if you like it and thereafter subscriptions are paid in half term blocks of around 6 weeks (and we deduct whatever you’ve already paid for your taster sessions from the remaining subs for the half term)M.A.C.C.

If you would like to come and join in the fun, or need further information, contact us on 01625 269721 or cme08@live.co.uk or check out our website www.cantatamusic.org